The new Scottish Government Accelerator launches!

The Accelerator phase of the CivTech® pilot has been launched by the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Constitution.

The Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Constitution, Derek Mackay, launched the Accelerator phase of the CivTech® pilot, today, and announced the solutions the winning companies will develop. The CivTech® pilot aims to deliver innovative solutions to address a spectrum of public sector challenges.

Since going live in June this year, the CivTech® project received over 80 applications for the first six Challenges set by three public sector organisations; the majority of which were from Scottish Based small or micro businesses.

The Accelerator phase of the project is based at CodeBase, one of the fastest growing technology incubators in the UK, to take advantage of the network of expertise located here. It will see eight companies embark on an intensive three months of product and business development which includes a comprehensive workshop system designed to optimise their understanding of what it takes to run a successful business with public sector clients. In this time they’ll be building the products/services which will address the challenge identified.

One of these challenges looks at how NHS NSS, the national support services team supporting the transition of health and social care integration in Scotland,  can control precisely how they open and share data across boundaries: securely, safely and with built in trust and consent. They are working with Symphonic Software on this challenge, revolutionising how business processes are engineered across traditional organisational and systems boundaries to harness the power of data held in complex environments.

The CivTech pilot launch has been covered in the Scotsman here  - and you can find out more about the scope, nature and implementation of the process on the CivTech website here.

We're really excited about the potential of this initiative - we'll be watching with great interest!  Let us know what you think, and keep in touch with the CivTech team to find out more about future phases.

ian-sibbald230x230.jpgAuthor: Ian Sibbald
Director, Citrus Mind Ltd.


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