From Genomes to Smartphones: all about the tablets?

Opportunities in digital health and care - Network Integrator at the Communications Breakfast, 8 April 2016

We presented to over 40 Scottish businesses at the regular monthly Communications Breakfast, hosted by Creating Sparks at the Corinthian Club on Thursday 8 April. We introduced SMEs to the expected scale and nature of projected demand for health and care services, in Scotland and around the world – and how this could present significant opportunities for a whole variety of businesses, particularly SMEs that may not have looked at this market - yet.

The session provided an overview of demand trends and supply opportunities – and an introduction to some of the support and assistance that is out there to help businesses in Scotland to take part.  We looked at:

  • What is the challenge (opportunity)?
  • Why is it so important?
  • When will happen?
  • How can this work for my business?
  • Where should we start?
  • Who - me?

And our host Julian Westaby of Creating Sparks has created a blog about the Event – read what he thought here

Here is a version of the slide deck that we used to illustrate our story.  We hope you find it informative – and please get in touch to let us know what you think, or to find out how we might be able to help you, in some shape or form:

ian-sibbald230x230.jpgAuthor: Ian Sibbald
Director, Citrus Mind Ltd.


bill-grant230x230.jpgAuthor: Bill Grant
Director, Citrus Mind – Scotland's national Network Integrator for Digital Health & Care.


And our Communications Breakfast host Julian Westaby of Creating Sparks has created a blog about our Event – read what Julian thought here 

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